Finding an Orthodontist Near Me - Fix My Crooked Smile

January 9, 2023

What is the best way to find an orthodontist near me? Without doing some research, it can become confusing to know which type of specialist you need to fix your misaligned teeth. Do you search for a dentist? Do you search for an orthodontist?

Here, we will try to answer your questions and steer you in the right direction

  • What is the best way to find the best orthodontist near me?
  • How do I know if I even need braces?
  • What is the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist?

What Is an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists are dentists who have undergone significant advanced training to learn to treat facial issues regarding the mouth and other dental abnormalities. An orthodontist mainly focuses on alignment issues concerning the mouth, teeth and jaw.

Properly aligned teeth and jaws deliver not only a beautiful smile, but contribute to clear speech and prevent or cure painful issues such as grinding or inability to chew food properly.

When you suffer from teeth alignment issues, it not only causes visual smile issues but can result in severe pain and shifting of your teeth. These issues can be caused by life issues, genetics, or lifelong habits that affect tooth alignment.

Orthodontists can provide relief from crooked teeth because their focus is mainly on tooth straightening. With medical procedures like braces, orthodontists are trained to give you a perfect smile. Using tools like braces or Invisalign, and with some time, you can get the perfect smile you want. Depending on the particular condition you have, there are many treatment options that you can discover along with your orthodontist.

Are All Dentists Orthodontists?

No. Dentists have the basic medical degree that allows them to deal professionally with overall oral health. Orthodontists are specialists in tooth alignment issues, and deal only with bite issues, faciairregularities, and misaligned and crooked teeth.

In order to qualify as an orthodontist, there is a lengthy and specialized training lasting approximately three to five years after receiving the primary degree. It is normal for your dentist to make a referral to a trusted orthodontist when you experience issues better treated in an orthodontic setting.

Why Do I Need to Find an Orthodontist Near Me?

Remember, you are going to be undertaking a lengthy process, so you will want to find a quality orthodontist near either your home or work. This will make it more convenient, and make it more likely that you make and attend all of your appointments.

Visible Gaps Between Teeth

Diastema is the medical term for the visible gaps between your teeth, and can occur in both adults and children. They can form anywhere in the mouth. Orthodontists can resolve this issue, usually by using braces or other alignment devices. If you feel uncomfortable with wires and brackets in your mouth, many orthodontists can use Invisalign to achieve the same results.

Crooked Teeth

A common option for crooked teeth is to use ceramic, metal or invisible braces to realign the teeth. Crooked teeth can be caused by genetics, sucking your thumb, and other behaviors. The best recommendation is to visit a reputable and experienced orthodontist near you for an initial consultation and plan the treatment process with them.

Find An Affordable Orthodontist Near You

The best path to finding the orthodontist that is best for you is to start with friends and family, as well as your regular dentist. Then begin searching for the top ranked orthodontists on local Google searches. Consider and discuss the costs of different treatments, and make sure The provider you choose offers flexible financing for any out-of-pocket costs you may incur. 

Caring for Your Teeth During and After Treatments

Brush more often while you have braces. Rather than brushing twice a day, try to brush each time you have a meal or coffee. Food and drinks can get caught in your braces and tend to give off a foul odor if not removed promptly.

Visit your dentist regularly, even while you are going through treatment with your orthodontist. Braces may make it more difficult for you to sense or spot gum disease or other issues that can occur. He can also provide a regular cleaning that you may not be able to do properly while wearing braces..

Quit smoking. Smoking weakens the immune system and makes it more likely that  infections can occur. It will also discolor the teeth that you are trying so hard to make beautiful.


Orthodontists are all dentists, but all dentists are not orthodontists. Orthodontists specialize in tooth alignment and jaw and bite issues, and will help you select the correct treatment for your specific case. Do not skip out on your regular dentist appointments once you begin your treatment.

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