Why You Need to Think About What Food You Eat with Braces

Foods you can eat with braces

April 29, 2023

Now that you're getting braces, your diet has probably been adjusted. Suddenly, certain food items have become off-limits due to the risk of injury or causing damage to your braces. But don't worry! 

Regardless if you’re a parent seeking braces for your child or an adult needing them, there are still plenty of delicious and nutritious foods you can safely enjoy while wearing braces. Keep reading as we get into some of the foods you can eat with braces.

Why You Need to Think About What Food You Eat with Braces

Your orthodontist should have given you a list of foods you can eat with braces as well as to avoid when wearing braces. This is because certain types of food are not only hard to chew and can be difficult to digest, but they can also cause damage to your braces or wires.

Don't Eat These Foods if You Have Braces

Unfortunately, not every food should be eaten while you have braces. The following foods should be avoided while wearing braces:

  • Hard candies, nuts and popcorn: These items can get stuck in your braces and be difficult to remove.
  • Sticky and chewy candy: These are notorious for getting stuck in brackets, wires, bands or elastics and may damage the braces if not removed.
  • Chewy bread: The texture of these products makes them tough to chew when wearing braces.
  • Crunchy fruits and vegetables: Apples, carrots, celery, etc., all pose a risk of causing damage to your brackets.

Why Soft Foods are Best When it Comes to Braces

When it comes to eating with braces, soft foods reign supreme. Soft foods you can eat with braces include things like:

  • Mashed potatoes: Soft and easy to chew.
  • Yogurt: Creamy, delicious and nutritious!
  • Steamed vegetables: A great way to get your daily dose of veggies.
  • Scrambled eggs: Delicious and protein-packed.
  • Bananas: A great source of potassium and fiber.
  • Fish: Soft and flaky, perfect for eating with braces.
  • Pancakes: Fluffy and light, easily digestible when wearing braces.
  • Cooked oats: Packed full of nutrients like fiber and magnesium.

These are just a few examples of soft foods that you can enjoy while wearing braces! There are so many more options out there that you can explore as you adjust to life with braces.

Should I Order Soup When I Have Braces?

Soup is an excellent option for foods you can eat with braces. Soups like lentil soup and tomato soup provide adequate nutrition without the risk of damaging your braces. Simply make sure not to add any extra hard ingredients, like croutons or nuts. That way, your soup will be soft and easy to eat with braces.

What About Grains? Can I Eat Them With Braces?

Yes! Grains are safe foods you can eat with braces as long as they’re cooked properly and easy to chew. Think oatmeal, cooked quinoa, cooked rice dishes like risotto and even cold cereals like Cheerios.

Can I Drink Smoothies When I Have Braces On?

Smoothies can be great snack foods you can eat with braces, as long as its made from softer fruits and vegetables (like bananas or avocados). Just make sure not to add any extra hard ingredients, like nuts or seeds. That way, your smoothie will be safe to drink with braces.

Final Thoughts on Foods You Can Eat With Braces

Eating with braces doesn't have to be difficult if you stick to soft foods you can eat with braces, foods that are easy to chew and digest. Try out some of these soft foods for inspiration and enjoy the deliciousness of food even when wearing braces! And if you're ever unsure of whether you should be eating a particular kind of food or not, make sure to speak to your orthodontist.

If you this blog has left you questioning any of your eating habits in regards to foods you can eat with braces, then it’s time to contact Wilde Orthodontics. Dr. Brian R. Wilde, DDS, is a top board-certified orthodontist in Tucson, AZ. Call to schedule your smile assessment with him today! (520) 742-1232

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